Egg and bacon‑stuffed tomato

This unusual little breakfast is one of my favourite Saturday-morning late breakfasts. It’s really juicy and packed with flavour. Serves 1 Olive oil 1 large egg 1 large beef tomato, top cut off like a lid, and insides scooped out to create a “bowl” 1 rasher of nitrate-freembacon, chopped Sprigs of dill, to serve (optional) […]

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Try this healthy signature dish from a famous casino

Whether you’re into blackjack or not, there is another exciting reason to visit a famous casino – the food! Did you know that some of the world’s top chefs are employed by high-profile casinos to produce their signature dishes? Here’s a healthy example, from The Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore, to get you inspired – Marinated […]

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Celebrating the NBA with one ounce of effort and five kilos of yum!

by  avlxyz Basketball is a great sport for watching with friends, accompanied by good food and beers. But what is the ideal food to enjoy with the NBA? It has to be something that’s easy to eat with your fingers, but also very tasty when washed down with a beer. And because basketball is non-stop action, you […]

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Maple Pudding Cake

There is a whole catalog of cooking devoted to what to make when you peer nervously into your bank account and find the balance lacking — one could even argue that the affordable preparation and dissemination of nutrients has always been the primary goal of cooking, before we got distracted by $700 blenders andorganically milled […]

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Pineapple Avocado Green Smoothie

Related posts Aussie Aussie Aussie! Can you beat the Aussie sports challenge? A: betting odds Unibet the online sports betting firm are setting you a challenge. They have put together Apple pie I love serving this pie warm with a dollop of whipped cream Serves 6-8 Ingredients: The Perfect Sunday Lunch Baked ham Serves 6 […]

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Chinese Steamed Buns

Chinese Steamed Buns also named as mantou(馒头) is a basic staple in northern part of China and served in every places of China not just the northern part. In the other parts of China, Mantou is mostly served as breakfast in restaurants and food carts. Mantou is made with flour usually all-purpose flour, yeast and […]

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